Monday, December 22, 2014

My favorite things from Isabelle GOTY 2014 Collection!

Hello everyone! As a little farewell to Izzy I thought a blog post about my favorite things from her collection was needed! I decided I would pick my top 10 thing, so lets get started!!

Coming in as number 10 is.......Isabelle's Performance Set! :)

I love this set sooo much and think its so perfect for any girl who wants their doll to be a dancer! I also love how this outfit gives you the ability to mix and match with other clothing items! :)

Coming in as number 9 is........Isabelle's Pajamas for Dolls

My favorite part about this outfit set is the color! The purple pants and shirt look so darling on Izzy. I also love the chick modern style they gave to this outfit! Perfect for any girl who loves purple! :)

Coming in as number 8 is........Isabelle's Accessories

These are always a must have for me when getting a new doll! I love the jacket that comes in this set, I have pair it with literally 15 different outfits and I love how it actually has Isabelle's name on it! Its such a personal touch! :) The little hair clip is also super fun to use when styling any dolls hair! :)

Coming in as number 7 is..........Isabelle's Sparkle Dress

 This dress is so beautiful and one of my all time favorite to put Izzy in! :) The color pink is so beautiful and looks so lovely on Isabelle! My favorite part to this outfit has to be the dress itself! I love how flowy the skirt is and the whole style! Definitely something every Isabelle doll needs! ;)

Coming in as number 6 is..........Isabelle's Makeup Set

This set is way tooo cute! I always fall in love with miniature sized things, so when ag introduced this it was top on my list! The case itself is so beautiful with all the little details! I also love all the storage that is available! The little makeup pallet in the bottom drawer is the cherry on top with its realistic colors and look! This set is perfect for any girl who loves to play dress up!

Coming in as number 5 is.........Isabelle's Legwarmers Set for Dolls

I had to add this set as number 5 because I'm a huge fall fan! I think these adorable legwarmers are so perfect for anyone who loves dressing their dolls in cute modern outfits! I thought you could use these not only for dance outfits but also for everyday wear!

Coming in as number 4 is..........Isabelle's Mix & Match Outfit for Dolls # 13

I think this outfit is to die for!! The one thing I would do is minus the legwarmers, not loving the coral with the purple. :) But have to say this is my favorite mix and match outfit from her collection! :)

Coming in as number 3 is.........Isabelle's Kitten

This little kitty is just sooo cute!! :) I absolutely love her name, TuTu, and I'm so obsessed with how soft she is!! Her blue eyes are so gorgeous with her white as snow fur! :)

Coming in as number 2 is...........Isabelle Doll & Book

Sadly she has been sold out.... :( but I still think she is a beautiful doll. The thing I loved the most about her was her beautiful soft hair! There are so many ways to style it and the pink hair underneath is so cute and modern! I'm so happy I got my Izzy in early February! :)

And last but certainly NOT least coming in as number 1 on my top ten list is.........Isabelle's Studio!!

I love her studio so much and its perfect for really any girl! I can see tons of play value and memories made with this set! All of the little accessories are such a great addition and tie this set together! :)

I hope you all enjoyed reading my top 10 favorite things from Isabelle GOTY 2014's collection! I have to say Izzy's collection is so cute and I will always love it, but I'm so excited to see the new GOTY 2015!! I've seen a few spoilers and I'm pretty much in LOVE with her! Can't wait to see her in person and do a "my top 10 things from Grace GOTY 2015's collection" January first! SOOOOO Exciting! Come back tomorrow for another post! Bye!!! :)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I cant believe that Christmas is in less than 4 days!! This whole year has flown by so quickly, but I have to say this has been one of the best years ever! I absolutely love making YouTube videos and taking doll photos, its all been such a blessing! I hope you all are enjoying your holiday vacation and have an AMAZING Christmas! (or happy holidays if you don't celebrate Christmas!) We have so many videos planned for after Christmas that its all I can really think about!! I thought I would give all our blog people a little sneak peak!!! ;) I will be doing an "everything I got for Christmas" video!! I will also being reviews on EVERYTHING I get! (I'm going to be on busy girly after Christmas!!) One thing I'm soooooooo EXCITED about is GOTY 2015!!!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE IZZY sooo much, but after seeing the spoiler pictures I think "Grace" will be my new favorite! :) What do you think about the new GOTY? Will you be getting her?

I hope you all enjoyed this super short blog post for today! Come back tomorrow to see the next one!! Bye!!!!!!! :)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Its almost Christmas!!! ;)

Hey everyone, Whitney here! :) While doing my daily target snoop, I was so excited and surprised to see that the Our Generation in the Driver’s Seat Retro Cruiser is officially available online!

We were sure happy to see this item available for purchase! May have to snag one up after the holidays!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Long time no see.....

Hello all our blogger people! Long time no see! :) But of course if you are subscribed to our YouTube and following me on instagram then we have see each other! :) Bahaha! I'm going to try and stay more dedicated to post on here more often! :)

If you look back a couple post you will see me saying how Thankful I was for 300 subscribers and 1,200 followers.....BUT now look at us!!! :) WE have over 3,000 SUBSCRIBERS and 3,000 FOLLOWERS!!! How crazy is that! :) I would like to THANK YOUUUUU all so very much! Hope you all have a wonderful day!! :) Bye Bye!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Exciting New Adventure here at MommynMeAG !!!!   This summer Im posting my very first Live Action Series on YouTube featuring 6 of my dolls.

First Episode at "CAMP WHITNEY'S" is officially up.  Go check out our YouTube and don't forget to subscribe.

Thanks for watching!!  ~Whitney

Friday, June 6, 2014

Update and Giveaway info :)

Hey Guys....  Sorry its been a while since I posted on our blog  :(     I was busy with end of year for school and now that's all out of the way and  YES!!!  SUMMERS HERE :)

Im  so thrilled to let you know we are doing a give away on instagram and we posted a video on our youtube   SO.....  go check it out.     If your not following us on instagram our user name is mommynmeag


Also working an a series for our youtube  called "Camp Whitney's"  and so so EXCITED to get the first episode loaded for you all.  So look for a blog post on that coming soon!!   ~ Whitney

Monday, April 28, 2014

Thank You all soo soo soo much!

Hey everyone, Whitney here. Today I just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH for 300 subscribers on YouTube and 1,200 followers on Instagram! You all mean the world to me and I cant even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your love and support!

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to watch our latest video and follow our blog by email!

And if you have an instagram don't forget to follow me! My username is: mommynmeag  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Doll House Time!

Hello everyone! Today is a very special day because I'll be giving you guys a sneak peak into our DOLL HOUSE!

Here at MommyN MeAG a lot of things have changed and tons of reconstruction!

A couple days ago my mom and I were looking around our doll room (Use to be our family room) and noticed there wasn't enough room for all the dolls anymore in our doll house. My mom suggested to build an even bigger doll house on one of the spare walls for all the modern dolls, and to make my doll house a historical one for her. My old doll house, now the historical one is 8' tall, 2' wide, and 6' long. My new one is 8' tall, 2' wide, and 8' long! I was super excited. Here are some pictures of it almost built! :)
Its almost done! Just got to put the flooring on!
The flooring is on and we are starting to put things in it!

Here is the result so far! We still need to move some things around, put walls and other things up and then I will be able to do room tours!
My old doll house, now my moms historical house! (except the top floor not shown)

It is still not done, but when it is we will be sure to also do room tours of this house too!
I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into our doll house! If you have any questions please comment bellow! Talk to you all later! :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Etsy stuff!

Hey everyone! We listed some new things on Etsy! 

Click on the tap above labeled "our etsy shop items" to see many more photos and even prices! 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A day with Itty Bitty Boo by Elli!

Hello everyone! It me Ellie and I thought I would share with you all something awesome I did today! When Gma got home she gave me the best present in the WHOLE WORLD............BOO!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes! It was the one and only Itty Bitty Boo! I had been asking for my own puppy and was SO happy I got this one!
He was so cute! And he even came with a bath robe! Isn't that neat?!?!
I just couldn't believe that this adorable puppy was officially mine! This had to be the happiest day of my WHOLE LIFE! 
I thought it then might be fun to throw the ball and play fetch! 
A couple days before I went to the store and saw these awesome colorful ball! They really did come in handy, didn't they! Hahaha!

It was so much fun to throw the ball in the yard and see the cutest puppy run after it and bring it back!

And I really think Boo was having fun too!

I was scared a few time that he may get lost in the grass since he is SO small!

The ball looked super cool in the grass!

I think Boo was having so much fun playing with the ball!

I really wish the grass was green! Sadly it's still in a winter fase! I can't wait till spring come to play outside with Boo! Maybe we will go to the park and play fetch! 
Boo was being so good at running back and giving me the ball! I think he's a natural! 

I wanted to take a break since my arm was getting a little tried. I was so happy that Boo is a huge cuddly bug! I love that! 

Even though we weren't playing it was still so much fun to just pet him! He has to be the softest puppy ever! 

It was so funny because Boo kept trying to lick my face! 

Even at this point I still couldn't get over how lucky I was to have him! 
Boo kept on trying to be silly I think by putting the rope toy over is eyes! 

I decided our break was over and we should now play fetch with the rope toy! 

Boo enjoyed playing fetch with the rope toy too!

Boo was kinda a slow runner! Probably because he is so small!

He looked to cute trying to get the toy in his bathrobe! I've never ever seen a puppy with a bathrobe! Have you?

Boo is the very best puppy ever! 

I had such a great time playing with Boo outside! I hope you all enjoyed my post! Bye for now!
~Ellie Ivy Lingh

Monday, February 17, 2014

New items for etsy!

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to show you something new we listed on Etsy yesterday!
Little Man Tie Shirts For Boy 18" Dolls
To see more click on our Etsy Shop Tab above.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing the new thing we came up with! Stayed updated with our blog by following us!! 😋 Bye! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Working on new Etsy items!

Hey everyone! It me Whitney. For the past couple weeks I've been working very hard to make some new thing for our etsy!
So anyways getting back to the point, I wanted to show you some of the new flower crowns I listed yesterday! And even some sneak peeks of some I'll be listing next week! Go Check out our Esty Shop Tab above to view.....Enjoy! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Here is a new I tem I will be listing today on Etsy! I make 3 different colored ones so go check out my etsy to see the other colors! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Meet the Girls .... Update

Hey everyone.... We did an update to to "Meet the Girls"

You can read what we have up so far on a few of our dolls.  More updates to follow.... Stay tuned!

Friday, January 17, 2014

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Listed a new post under G-Ma's Historical Blog today. Click on the tab above to see what the new post is all about :)   Happy Reading!!
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Mini Photo-Shoot

    A couple days ago I took 2 dolls and my new camera with me to one of my moms workplace things. So I thought since there is a little hill right outside and a fence that I should take some pictures. Here they are! Enjoy!
Austin & Marisol
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