Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Etsy stuff!

Hey everyone! We listed some new things on Etsy! 

Click on the tap above labeled "our etsy shop items" to see many more photos and even prices! 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A day with Itty Bitty Boo by Elli!

Hello everyone! It me Ellie and I thought I would share with you all something awesome I did today! When Gma got home she gave me the best present in the WHOLE WORLD............BOO!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes! It was the one and only Itty Bitty Boo! I had been asking for my own puppy and was SO happy I got this one!
He was so cute! And he even came with a bath robe! Isn't that neat?!?!
I just couldn't believe that this adorable puppy was officially mine! This had to be the happiest day of my WHOLE LIFE! 
I thought it then might be fun to throw the ball and play fetch! 
A couple days before I went to the store and saw these awesome colorful ball! They really did come in handy, didn't they! Hahaha!

It was so much fun to throw the ball in the yard and see the cutest puppy run after it and bring it back!

And I really think Boo was having fun too!

I was scared a few time that he may get lost in the grass since he is SO small!

The ball looked super cool in the grass!

I think Boo was having so much fun playing with the ball!

I really wish the grass was green! Sadly it's still in a winter fase! I can't wait till spring come to play outside with Boo! Maybe we will go to the park and play fetch! 
Boo was being so good at running back and giving me the ball! I think he's a natural! 

I wanted to take a break since my arm was getting a little tried. I was so happy that Boo is a huge cuddly bug! I love that! 

Even though we weren't playing it was still so much fun to just pet him! He has to be the softest puppy ever! 

It was so funny because Boo kept trying to lick my face! 

Even at this point I still couldn't get over how lucky I was to have him! 
Boo kept on trying to be silly I think by putting the rope toy over is eyes! 

I decided our break was over and we should now play fetch with the rope toy! 

Boo enjoyed playing fetch with the rope toy too!

Boo was kinda a slow runner! Probably because he is so small!

He looked to cute trying to get the toy in his bathrobe! I've never ever seen a puppy with a bathrobe! Have you?

Boo is the very best puppy ever! 

I had such a great time playing with Boo outside! I hope you all enjoyed my post! Bye for now!
~Ellie Ivy Lingh