Doll CRAFT Projects

Have you seen our Newest DIY Craft Project Video on You Tube?

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POM POM Doll House Rugs

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Fun Christmas Craft idea, Doll size Advent Calendar
Be sure to tag us on instagram if you make your dolls one

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Maryellen just had some new releases, we were Super excited!!
Created a Fun DIY TV DINNER sets for your dolls  check out our video here :)

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Easter is almost here...
 and what a fun and easy craft project that you can make for your
 American Girl dolls!!

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 American Girl Doll Laptop ~ Crafting with MommyN MeAG 

  Today we had some fun in the craft room!!  Get ready to make a Mini Laptop, Perfect for your 18" American Girl doll or similar size dolls :)

Mommy has been crafty lately and coming up with some pretty cute ideas that you too can make at home for your dolls.  So check out the video below and tells us what you think :)

Hope you enjoy and try one too!

If your on instagram be sure to tag us your photo of your craft you made from our craft projects

Be sure to leave a comment on the video if you would like to see more crafting videos.

Laptop PRINTABLE'S  for personal use only! 
Print on standard 8x11.5  Photo paper or Hardcard paper

Pink Laptop Template

By Request for a Blue Colored Printable we have added a link :)

Aqua Laptop Template

After opening up the Templates  you must download the file then print at scale.  Do Not click on the picture to print as that will not work.


  1. Copy and paste the image on Google Docs and then resize the image to make it BIGGER than normal. Don't worry, it will come out a little smaller in the printer. Print it, and hopefully you have the size you want! Hope this helped, thanks! ❤️

    1. I dont have Google Docs and I'm trying to make this for my sister for Xmas does anything else work?


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