Monday, June 29, 2015

"Hey It's Whitney" 4th Of July Outfit, Food, and Decorations

Hey Everyone! :) Wanted to let you know about a new video I just posted on my YouTube! ( This was so much fun to film and create! :) Hope you all liked it and also don't forget to check out some more of my "Hey It's Whitney" videos! :)

I hope you all have enjoyed this short little post today, and all the other posts I have done! :) I really enjoy writing on our blog :)

Fun Fact: I actually had to edit this video twice since my editing system didn't like me and wanted to error...But that's okay since I love how it turned out more the second time! :)


GOTY 2016

Hey everyone! Whitney here! :) I have some very exciting news! I cant believe its only June/July and leaked photos of GOTY 2016 are already out!! :) I was expecting these at the earliest in September, but that's okay it just makes me even more excited!! So lets actually get to the exciting part.....THE PHOTOS!!! :)

Here is a quick collage of all the girls who have auditioned for either Gemma (Code name for GOTY) or Aki (Code name for best friend) Also some leaked photos of GOTY 2016 Mini doll! There have also been leaked photos of some clothes, a purple dress and shirt that are thought to be for GOTY 2016

Here is a full shot of what people think is GOTY 2016 Gemma (Code Name)

I just love the outfit that this mini doll is wearing! The colors are so bright and beautiful! Definitely something I hope will be in her collection!! :)

Here is an okay close up of her. As far as I can tell or have been told, the doll has Josephina face mold, Caroline's eyes, and medium skin.
And lastly for leaked photos of this adorable mini doll here is a great look at her hair! I think its absolutely gorgeous!!! The color is so beautiful and I love the style of her hair! :)
Here is supposedly a shirt that will be for Gemma, personally its not my favorite. It definitely reminds me something either Saige or Julie would wear! ;) I do really like all the pretty colors, but the design and style aren't my favorite. :)

Here is a leaked photo of this adorable purple dress! :) The style and color and all the cute little details are sooo cute!! I love it so much and really hope it will be in her release!
Let me know down bellow what your thoughts are about GOTY 2016 so far, I very excited to see some more leaked photos and then to see her full collection! :) I really hoped you all enjoyed!
Thank you so much to @agupdatenews on instagram for sharing these photos :)

American Girl Doll Haul

Hey Everyone! Long time no see! :) I know, I know.... I say that way to often!!! Well anyways, I wanted to let all our blogger people about some very exciting videos on our YouTube Channel! :)

Haul Part One :)
Haul Part Two :)
Haul Part Three :)
Haul Part Four :)
 I really hope you all enjoy the hauls! It was soooo much fun opening and sharing everything I got with you all! :) I cant wait to do some photo shoots and even live action videos!!

Talking about live action videos, you all should check out my new series "Hey It's Whitney" :)
I hope you all enjoy these videos because....OMG THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN TO DO!!!! :)
I think that's it for today, Have a FABULOUS day and I will "hopefully" ;) talk to you tomorrow! :)