Monday, June 9, 2014

Exciting New Adventure here at MommynMeAG !!!!   This summer Im posting my very first Live Action Series on YouTube featuring 6 of my dolls.

First Episode at "CAMP WHITNEY'S" is officially up.  Go check out our YouTube and don't forget to subscribe.

Thanks for watching!!  ~Whitney

Friday, June 6, 2014

Update and Giveaway info :)

Hey Guys....  Sorry its been a while since I posted on our blog  :(     I was busy with end of year for school and now that's all out of the way and  YES!!!  SUMMERS HERE :)

Im  so thrilled to let you know we are doing a give away on instagram and we posted a video on our youtube   SO.....  go check it out.     If your not following us on instagram our user name is mommynmeag


Also working an a series for our youtube  called "Camp Whitney's"  and so so EXCITED to get the first episode loaded for you all.  So look for a blog post on that coming soon!!   ~ Whitney