Sunday, November 24, 2013

My second american girl doll

Before Christmas I decided to save up my own money to buy an American Girl Doll. I wasn't sure what doll I was going to pick. (because they are all so wonderful) I thought over and over, but I knew there was only one doll for me, KIT! Then on Christmas I received KIT from my mom, so now I had to pick another doll. I went onto the American Girl FB page (facebook) and saw Saige. People had tons of pictures of her so it was no surprise. I then thought I should get Saige Copeland! I did tons of chores around the house and got tons of A's for grades, but with the help of some great family members I had eared the right amount to get Saige. I was over filled with joy knowing I was going to be able to get a doll with my own money and that I had such a great family!

   On the day before new years I was so excited! AT 12:01 a.m. I went onto the American Girl website. I quickly picked Saige and also her accessories pack. I paid for normal shipping, so I knew it was going to take about a week. I couldn't wait for the day she would finally be there! It took exactly 8 days and there she was! I was as excited as I was when I got KIT. I quickly took her out of the box with the help of my mom. We both did her hair into a high pony and added a hair bow. She and KIT were now both *MINE*

My first ever American Girl Doll

Christmas 2012 to my great surprise my mom gave me an official 18" American Girl Doll. I had been dreaming of Kit for almost 2 years, and never though I would ever get her. My mom was very sneaky and told me don't be disappointed if you don't get a doll. She also hid the box behind another box under the tree, so I thought the box I was looking at was a much smaller box ( sorry for so many "box" :}). When my mom handed me the box I thought it was a doll, but I NEVER thought it was an American girl doll. I opened the box, started to scream, and then I cried. I was over filled with so much joy and happiness. As there she was ......... "KIT"........ the doll I had been dreaming of for 2 years.

  So this is the start of the journey of MommyN MeAG.


The beginging


    In 2009 I received a horse for an 18" doll for my 9th birthday from my dad, which lead to my discovery of American Girl 18" dolls.

     I had asked my mom for an American Girl doll and her thought was maybe I should start out with a little less expensive doll. ~ So this is how the journey to collecting American Girl dolls and accessories all started.....

    I received my first Alexander doll for my 10th birthday from my mom. My 2nd Alexander doll for my 10th birthday also, with money that I saved and money I got from my grandma, Arlene. The 3rd Alexander doll came about 4 months later to be a model for my mom's online business to display Pj's with doll bedding that she sells in her shop.

                      ~~~~~~ Here is the Friends Boutique Collection ~~~~~~

Introducing Ally, Hannah, and Bay!!!!