Meet the Girls.....

Here you will be able to see all our dolls and learn more about each one......


  Most of us around here like to refer to Kit as the shy one. Although she's shy at first she's one of the most out going girls when it comes to her friends. When Kit isn't with her friends she's usually in her bedroom typing out another story for the local newspaper she works for. Most of the time though she's with her best friend Ruthie finding great stories for them to publish in the newspaper.
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   Horse girl, painter, artist: these are all names that can refer to Saige Copeland. There are about 3 things that Saige enjoys the most: Riding her pony, painting and drawing, and of course talking about being GOTY 2013. Although she has officially been retired, and refers to Isabelle as her replacement, she has now found herself with a new best friend.
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      "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL" is a fraise Sonali would like to describe herself, almost every minute of every day. And even though Sonali has a tendency to call her self by her full name, Sonali Grace Chase, and always talk about how beautiful she is, she is still loved and adored by most of the girls around here. Although most of her closest friends play softballs, she rather stay on the side lines cheering them on or even in her very own solon giving another girl a makeover. Sonali may come over very opinionated or even rude, but deep, deep, deep down inside she really does have a soft heart.
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   If your looking for someone sweet this is just your girl. Lanie is one of the nicest and of course sweetest girls here. You can often find her in the backyard with her bestie, Kanani, and although she's on the younger side all the girls love to go outside with her and look for bugs together. Even though looking for bugs, Lanie is a girly girl inside and out. She also likes camping with her forest friends.
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  Most days you'll find Summer flipping and flying around at the local gymnastics center. Through out Summers love for gymnastics she still finds time to head to the tennis court to hit a few balls with some friends. But through it all she still finds time to work on one of her biggest passions, photography. If she's not doing gymnastics or tennis you'll find her outside taking picture of what ever catches her eye. Even when she's working at the snack cart she finds time to snap some pics.
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  Everyone around here refers to Whitney as "The TOP girl." Its not only because of the name, but because she's the 2 favorite. She's identical to what they call "their human", the person who controls it all. She enjoys photography, softball, and helping out, but her real passion is bowling. When looking for her, you'd go straight to the bowling alley. She dreams of becoming a professional bowler and a doctor.