Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer is officially here!  HI, Mommy here today. Seams like forever again that we have updated our Blog page.  

So the main news for today: The Secret Crush seams to be a huge topic on the comment page of each and every video. I just wanted to write to explain a few things. Since I am the one who reads all the comments on our You Tube channel.

For those of you who have been asking for more SECRET CRUSH....  New episode should be posted in the next day or so.  We know you request them more often but the truth of the mater is they take a lot of time.  We live a very busy life and writing for the scripts have to be just right or it doesn't happen!  YES.... we write out the scripts, word for word and plan out future things as we think of them. Usually over coffee dates together.  Most of the time this take about three hours or more but, its another way for us to bond. So that works for me :)

 Next: Setting up scenes, taking them down , reset another one. Getting the dolls ready and hoping all the filming goes well.  Oh yeah did I tell you the part about EDITING?  That takes a few hours alone! Since we film in parts. Each part has to be edited to flow right in the video. Whitney works hard on this part and makes it look so easy but there goes another two hours or more of her day! Some time I wonder if some of you have any thought of how long making videos take?  I only state this as it saddens me that a few followers get upset that we dont put a Secret Crush video up every week.

We do enjoy filming other things so we dont get burned out. We think of so many things to film since we have a huge collection but finding the time makes it difficult to fit things in.  So is the Secret Crush going away?  NO  we have so many things planned out.  We just hope that you will understand now the process of all of this.

  So with the fact that Whitney puts in hours filming and editing on top of her busy life to help run our family business.  I cant forget to tell you all the most important part.....which is training for Bowling!! Most of you dont know but Yes.... Whitney is a competitive Bowler and it takes a lot of time and travel every week. This is a huge part of our life and her future which is a dream of hers since she was 9 years old. Some times we travel out of town and are gone for a few day. Other times travel is more local and we are back home in the evening. During the week Whitney will be training at the local centers for hours at a time.  Its our life and we LOVE IT!

Boy this rant was a little long I should of just made a video.  Take care, Mommy

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