Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New series up on our You Tube Channel.

So Whitney and I wanted to try something different this summer by adding in a Barbie series.

We Publish our first Episode the other day!  I have to tell you all Im so pleased with the outcome of the likes and comments it make us happy to know you are just as excited as we are.  Im very reserved and honestly... very camera SHY but I will get the hang of it since I do have to play a few parts in the video.

So some of  you might be asking  WHAT???  another series... How, Why, you dont have time for the Secret Crush so why would you do Barbie?   Well, from time to time my creative side gets the best of me and I created a Bedroom back drop Barbie size with some inspiration from MyFroggyStuff. Let me tell you she has the best doll back drops ever!

I had been watching some of her Build a room in a box videos and couldnt hold off any longer so I went in the office and started on my new project.  And the outcome lead to " Hey lets do a Barbie Series for the summer"!  After I got Whitney on board she jumped right in and started helping making a few items for the room.Then the next room was build which was the Living room, now I have to finish off building the Kitchen.

With a few Instagram post and showing close friends the photos of the back drops they were amazed at the outcome and think I have something going here.  So I'm thinking maybe doing a few videos to show you all how I created the doll rooms?  Its a thought :)

Here is the video in case you havent already checked it out.

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